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LGBT Services

SSA has served the LGBT community for many years and provides egg donor and surrogacy arrangements for gay couples and individuals. Gay intended parents go through the same agency process in their surrogacy arrangement as any other couple. Where gay arrangements can differ, however, is that they often involve unique legal issues. Which is why the expertise of the SSA legal team in this area is invaluable. For example, in many states (including Texas) a gay married couple will have very different legal rights to a gestational child than an unmarried gay couple. This can make a difference if you are planning on transferring embryos created with sperm from each partner, since the possibility exists that there will be two children, each with a different biological father, in the same arrangement. For unmarried gay couples, a same sex adoption may be required by the non-biological parent. This is easier in some states than in others. Your SSA counselor will discuss these issues with you and identify areas where you will need legal guidance.