How I Got Involved With Surrogacy

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I’m often asked how I got involved with surrogacy. The answer is simple. After 7 years of unsuccessful infertility treatment (including multiple surgeries and failed IVF attempts) our doctor finally told my wife and me that surrogacy was our best option. We found a wonderful woman who was willing to help us and, about a year later, we had our incredible daughter. Our daughter is all grown up now but the privilege of raising her and experiencing the world through her eyes are some of my fondest memories. It’s this personal experience with both infertility and surrogacy that gives me a unique perspective and understanding of what our clients are going through. Infertility treatment is emotionally and financially draining, and each failed transfer attempt is another disappointment. It’s important to understand that surrogacy and egg donation are not magic bullets and there will be ups and downs. They’re part of a complicated medical process and we describe infertility treatment as a roller coaster. But my personal experience also makes me believe that the result – your child – is worth all the effort. I’ve found that many things I’ve pursued in my life have been disappointments once I finally got them. But having a child and being a father was not one of them!

Greg Stern

Greg Stern
Founder & Executive Director
Surrogacy Specialists of America, Inc

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