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Financial Compensation for Surrogates

We only want the best and SSA offers one of the top benefits packages in the industry. You will be paid for carrying the pregnancy and for the time, inconvenience, and risks involved. A first time carrier with SSA can expect a compensation package of $40,000+. You will choose the intended parents you want to help and you will work with some of the top IVF physicians and clinics in the world.

We have couples available for immediate match.


  • Base fee of $40,000 for a 1st time carrier. Experienced carriers can earn $5,000 to $15,000 more

  • $7,000 extra for carrying twins

  • Expense allowance of $250/month

  • All medical bills and expenses paid

  • All travel and lodging paid

  • Lost wages reimbursed for time off work

  • Staff coordinator to manage the details of your arrangement and make your life easier

  • Mediation services provided between you and the intended parents

  • Health insurance provided if you are not presently covered

  • Life insurance policy ($250,000)

  • Court approved enforceable contracts for your protection

  • Compensation held in attorney trust fund account for your security

  • Electronic direct deposit of payments to your bank account for speed and convenience

  • Attorney representation during the review and negotiation of the surrogacy contract with your intended parents at no cost to you


SSA offers a $250 bonus if the applicant submits all required paperwork, medical records from her previous deliveries, medical clearance letter from her obstetrician, and she and her spouse/partner complete all of their SSA psychological screening within three weeks of submitting her application. The bonus is paid upon being matched with a couple.