Our agency fee is $6,500 and includes recruiting your donor and her psychological screening, the donation contract between you and your donor, legal representation for both you and your donor in entering into the donation contract, counseling and legal clearance letters to your IVF physician, health insurance for your donor in the event of medical complications, and ongoing coordination and mediation during your donation cycle. Donor compensation varies between donors, but most of our donors are paid from $6,000 to $15,000, depending on how many times they have previously donated, whether their eggs have resulted in pregnancy, and their personal characteristics. This means that excluding your IVF medical costs, an average donor cycle will cost from $12,500 to $21,500, depending on the donor you select. SSA does not provide medical services and your medical costs for the egg retrieval are not included in our fee. You will pay the medical costs for the IVF cycle directly to your IVF physician. Assuming an IVF cost of $25,000 (including medications), an average fresh egg cycle will cost from $37,500 to $46,500, depending on your doctor and the donor you select.


The American Egg Bank (AEB) offers 6 egg frozen donor egg packages starting at $16,500, with additional eggs available on a per egg basis. The package price will vary depending on the donor you select,. The package price includes all of the compensation paid to the donor and medical, psychological, legal and any long distance travel costs involved in retrieving her eggs. You will separately pay your doctor for the embryo transfer, which typically costs from $3,500 to $4,000. This means that including your frozen embryo transfer, an average frozen donor package will cost about $25,500+ for the base 6 egg package. The eggs are genetically pre-screened but any fees for genetically testing your embryos are extra and would be paid directly to your IVF doctor.