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Egg Donation Costs

There are two types of egg donor programs: fresh egg programs and frozen egg programs. Each program operates differently and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Which program will be the best choice for you will depend on your individual situation. Our staff is available to offer guidance but you must discuss the pros and cons with your doctor based on your medical profile and timing needs.


In a fresh cycle egg donation program, the donor completes a stimulation/retrieval cycle specifically for the intended parents with their IVF doctor and they will receive all the eggs retrieved in that cycle. THESE AMOUNTS DO NOT INCLUDE CHARGES BY YOUR DOCTOR FOR THE EGG RETRIEVAL OR YOUR IVF TREATMENT.

Our fresh cycle donors are offered through Egg Donor Specialists, a division of Surrogacy Specialists of America, Inc.

Donor recruitment, including all advertising costs INCLUDED
Psychological assessment of surrogate/partner by licensed professional counselor, including clinical interviews & standardized testing (includes assessments for any rematches) INCLUDED
Psychological assessment of donor by licensed mental health professional, including clinical interviews & standardized testing INCLUDED
Criminal background check INCLUDED
Case management and coordination with IVF clinic INCLUDED
Coordinate travel arrangements for out-of-town donors INCLUDED
Psychological counseling of all parties under American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines INCLUDED
Egg donation contract provided by Law Offices of Gregory E. Stern INCLUDED
Donor medical complications health insurance INCLUDED
Review of egg donation contract with independent attorney INCLUDED
Attorney representation of egg donor through contract phase INCLUDED
Flowers delivered to donor from intended parents (anonymously on retrieval day INCLUDED
Escrow management of donor’s fee in attorney IOLTA trust account INCLUDED
DONOR FEE $7,000 to $15,000+
Fee paid to the donor for her donation, including local travel, lost wages & child care. The donor’s fee will vary depending on the donor you select and her number of prior donations TBD
DONOR TRAVEL EXPENSES (out-of-town donors only) TBD
Long distance travel bonus (for additional lost wages time, and inconvenience) $500
Long distance travel costs (airfare, hotels, meals, ground transportation, parking) TBD

If you are in the SSA surrogacy program and we do not have a donor in our fresh or frozen donor programs that interests you, we also work with egg donors from other donor agencies.

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Until recently, the only egg donor programs have been “fresh cycle” programs in which the recipients contract directly with an egg donor arranged through an agency or IVF clinic. In those programs, the recipients are responsible for all the costs and risks involved in the stimulation/retrieval cycle. Recent advances in egg freezing technology now allow for eggs to be frozen and offered for donation.

The frozen egg program is offered by American Egg Bank, LLC, a Texas limited liability company.

Additional Eggs $1,500+ per egg

Price will vary depending on donor selected

The AEB 6 egg package fee includes all the costs of obtaining the frozen eggs, such as donor recruitment and the donor’s fee, psychological assessment, criminal background check, genetic screening, and psychological counseling costs. Unlike a “fresh cycle” retrieval, the frozen egg package fee also includes all the medical and legal costs incurred in connection with the donation.

Recipients will pay their IVF doctor separately for the cost of fertilizing the eggs, storage of their frozen embryos, and the later frozen embryo transfer to the recipient mother or a surrogate.

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