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Become A Surrogate Mother

SSA is one of the premier surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the U.S. With 25 years of experience matching intended parents and surrogates, our staff of highly trained professionals will be with you every step of your journey. At SSA, you choose the intended parents you would like to help. Your philosophies and values are very important and you will never be asked to agree to do something against those values.

With SSA you will never be asked to carry your own biological child. We work with the top IVF clinics in the world, and you will become pregnant through a medical procedure in which an embryo from the intended parents will be transferred to your uterus.

Surrogates are very special people. If you love being pregnant and want to make a difference, become a surrogate and help a couple achieve their dream of having a child. We have couples waiting for an immediate match.

The first step is to contact our office at 713-952-4772 or fill out our brief online application and an SSA counselor will get in touch with you to answer your questions or start the intake process.