SSA is one of the oldest and most experienced full service egg donation and surrogacy agencies in the U.S. Since 1993, our friendly and caring staff of licensed mental health professionals and attorneys has helped build families for couples and singles experiencing infertility. We have developed an outstanding reputation over more than two decades and can provide references from the top physicians in the field. You have the comfort and security of knowing that professionals will be handling your arrangement.


Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an establishment that engages in the manufacture of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products, we follow all FDA screening protocols for egg donor and surrogate arrangements. We are regularly inspected by FDA auditors with published results. We believe this is one more way to offer our clients assurance that their arrangement will meet the highest professional standards.


All donors in the SSA program undergo an extensive multi-level screening based on both objective and subjective standards. The screening process has been designed to satisfy both FDA rules, guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, and our own proprietary criteria. Donors in our frozen egg program will have completed their psychological screening prior to making their donation. Donors in our fresh egg program will have either completed their psychological screening or are “pending”, in which case psychological screening will be completed prior to match and only medical screening by your doctor will remain.


American Egg Bank frozen egg program has pre-screened frozen donor eggs available for our clients. This means that you can create your embryos in a matter of days rather than months and you will avoid the delay and uncertainty that comes with a “fresh” donor cycle. Using frozen eggs can also be less expensive than a fresh donor cycle.


Client funds for an arrangement are never mixed with agency funds. All client funds are deposited into a separate attorney trust fund account (IOLTA) at a bank insured by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This IOLTA account is managed by a licensed attorney.


SSA counselors focus their practice on infertility and receive specialized advanced training in the field, making them among the most experienced infertility practitioners in the country. Our counselors provide ongoing guidance throughout each arrangement, to reduce stress and improve the quality of the experience for the participants. SSA counselors and attorneys are also participating members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and various other professional groups.


SSA has long working relationships with many of the top IVF clinics and physicians in the U.S. and can provide references upon request.


SSA works with clients and fertility specialists from all over the U.S. and you will be able to continue to use your local IVF physician for medical treatment. Most of our donors agree to long distance travel if your doctor is not local, but this will be verified with each donor prior to match. You will be separately responsible for your donor’s long distance travel costs, including a travel fee for the extra time involved. At this time, the AEB frozen egg program is only available for patients working with doctors at Houston Fertility Specialists in Houston, Texas.


The IRS has issued private guidance that all of the fees (including agency and donor fees) for egg donation programs will qualify as medical expenses for federal income tax purposes and as medical care expenses under a flexible spending account. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine whether these fees would be tax deductible in your particular circumstances.