Experienced Professionals. In business for nearly a quarter century, we are the oldest and most experienced third party reproduction agency in Texas and the southwest, and we are among the oldest agencies in the U.S. We have developed an outstanding reputation over many years and can provide references from top physicians in the field. Unlike many agencies, we have licensed mental health providers and attorneys on staff. When considering other agencies, please be aware of the credentials of the staff. Ask yourself if these are individuals that you would trust your money to in any other situation and, more importantly, your future child. SSA offers you the comfort and security of knowing that licensed professionals will be handling your arrangement. Members of our staff are leaders in the field of infertility, speaking and publishing at national forums and publications on infertility matters. We caution you against agencies without an established track record or without professional staff – many are here today and gone tomorrow. The health and safety of your future child is too important to trust to amateurs.

Convenience. We know that infertility is extremely stressful and time consuming. At SSA, we offer a unified program to simplify your life. No running around or being referred out to counselors or attorneys with multiple appointments and having to explain your circumstances again and again. There are also no problems with inter-office coordination or scheduling. With the exception of your medical treatment, everything from counseling to legal can be handled in our offices and we take care of all the details of your arrangement.

Extensive Screening. All surrogates in the SSA program undergo an extensive multi-level screening based on both objective and subjective standards. Our proprietary screening process has been developed over two decades and gives us unique insight into surrogacy. Due to our rigorous screening process, we have never had a surrogate change her mind or attempt to exercise any parental rights over a child.

Protected Relationship. In an independent arrangement, you must raise all the issues directly with your surrogate. This can lead to tense times, hurt feelings, and a damaged relationship. An SSA arrangement gives you the advantage of having a trained mediator who can discretly raise and resolve issues without damaging your relationship. Your SSA counselor also acts as a neutral “sounding board” for both you and your surrogate to help avoid misunderstandings and lead to a more enjoyable arrangement for everyone.

Personalized Matching. Your counselor will attempt to match you with a surrogate based on personality and beliefs, to give you the most enjoyable experience possible in expanding your family.

Case Management. The commitment and involvement of many agencies ends once they have matched you with a surrogate. SSA offers case management throughout your arrangement. We offer unlimited counseling to your surrogate during the arrangement. We contact the delivery hospital in the last trimester of the pregnancy and discuss the details of your arrangement with the hospital social worker, so that when it is time for your baby(ies) to be born, all you have to worry about is making sure you have the right car seat(s).

Easy Access. Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas, a major international city. Houston has non-stop or direct flights to more than 110 U.S. markets and to 40 foreign destinations. Our offices are conveniently located to both George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and Hobby Airport (HOU). With a mild subtropical climate, Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and offers world-class, year-round performing and visual arts, including symphony, opera, drama and ballet. Our offices are minutes from the Galleria Mall, renowned for its exclusive shopping experience. For our non-U.S. clients, with 78 foreign consulates Houston consistently ranks as one of the top 5 cities in the U.S. for consular offices. For our clients’ convenience, we have offices in Houston and Dallas.