In business for 25 years, SSA is the oldest and most experienced surrogacy and egg donation agency in Texas and the southwest and is among the five oldest agencies in the nation. With licensed counselors and attorneys on staff, you have the comfort of knowing that your arrangement is in the hands of professionals.

By the time you meet with them, the intended parents will already have completed a detailed application and shown their commitment to the process by retaining us. SSA will have discussed with them the issues that may arise in a surrogate arrangement and will have presented them with our standard compensation package. The advantage to you is that this minimizes the potential for delays and “false starts”. Surrogates in independent arrangements often spend significant amounts of time dealing with a couple only to find that the couple is also meeting with other potential surrogates at the same time. In other cases, the couple may not be prepared (emotionally or financially) to move forward. With SSA you know that the intended parents you are meeting with are ready and able to proceed and are focused only on you.

In an independent arrangement, you must raise all the issues directly with the couple. This can lead to tense times, hurt feelings, and a damaged relationship. In an SSA arrangement, you have a trained counselor involved who can discretely raise and resolve issues without damaging your relationship. Your counselor also acts as a neutral “sounding board” for both you and your couple to help avoid misunderstandings. The end result is a more enjoyable arrangement for everyone.

In most independent arrangements, the surrogate must rely entirely on the intended parents to make payments called for by the agreement. In an SSA arrangement, your compensation and certain other amounts are held for your benefit in an attorney managed trust account at a federally insured bank. We also provide next day direct deposit of your fees and reimbursements.

Surrogacy involves emotions and can be stressful. An SSA counselor is always available to help you with questions or concerns at no cost to you.