Finding and screening a qualified surrogate on your own is time consuming and usually frustrating. SSA handles all the details of your arrangement, including advertising, screening, background checks by an independent licensed private investigator and fact verification. In an independent arrangement, if your surrogate decides to work with another couple or changes her mind, you may be out thousands of dollars for fees paid to psychologists and lawyers. And you may have to repeat this process any number of times. With SSA, you have the comfort of knowing that if your surrogate changes her mind we will rematch you at no additional cost. It is also worth noting that many surrogates offering independent arrangements are doing so because they do not meet the criteria set by reputable agencies. And those that would otherwise qualify with an agency often ask for a significant premium over the industry standard compensation package. When you add up all the costs that you will incur in an independent arrangement and the time that you will spend, we believe you will conclude that SSA is the better choice. However, if you choose to work in an independent arrangement, SSA also offers legal and counseling services for independent arrangements.