The basic steps are initial screening, application, psychological assessment/counseling, meeting the intended parents, home visit, medical evaluation, legal contract, the IVF medical process and, finally, pregnancy and delivery.

After you have submitted your application, an SSA counselor will call you for a detailed clinical interview. We like to see you while talking with you so these interviews are conducted by videoconference (e.g., Skype, FaceTime, Viber). If that goes well, we will schedule a time for you to complete the clinical interview by taking the Personality Assessment Inventory, which is a one hour psychological test that consists of true/false questions. If married or living with a partner, you and your spouse/partner will also complete a brief joint counseling/interview session.

Once a potential match has been arranged, you will meet the intended parents in a mediated meeting either at one of our offices or by videoconference depending on everyone’s location. This gives you a chance to get to know the intended parents and have your questions answered. An SSA facilitator will be there to explain the surrogacy process and guide everyone through the important decisions and choices in an arrangement. Both you and the intended parents are then given a day or two to decide whether you want to move forward. If everyone likes each other and feels it would be a good match, then you will go to the IVF physician for medical clearance and, later, legal contracts will be prepared.