Insurance companies and their policies vary widely. Many agencies do not look into the surrogate’s insurance thoroughly and just make the recommendation that you use her insurance if she has it. The problem with this approach is that many insurance policies have exclusions (stated or hidden) for surrogate pregnancies. Or, they may have other language that could put your surrogate’s medical care at risk. If this is the case, you could be at great financial risk, and/or your surrogate could be at risk of not receiving the best medical care. At SSA, we work with the top fertility insurance experts in the field and your surrogate’s policy will be reviewed prior to medical treatment. If your surrogate is uninsured or her policy will not cover a surrogate pregnancy, alternatives are available. Although backup plans and alternative policies may make your arrangement a little more costly up front, it may save you much financial and medical heartache down the road. We will assist you in getting your health insurance set up.